Today’s society is both highly industrialized and matured, entertaining benefits from the fruits of science and technology. For accelerating the advancement promotion of science education for children is indispensable in SDGs society.

Marie S. Curie is one of the scientific legends of the 20th century.

However, it is not well-known that she was a great science educator. She taught her original science lessons that is recorded in “Lecons de Marie Curie” by Isabelle Chavannes, to approximately ten children aged 9 ~ 13 from 1907 to 1908. It demonstrates how she was an innovative science educator, and facilitated young students to learn successfully. In her lessons, attention was carefully paid to the students understanding the principles and concept behind phenomena. It is surprising how easily she gave explanations of difficult concepts, principles and theorems to the students. The experiments were not just for demonstration. Without principles experiments are worth nothing.
I have devoted to elucidate her methodologies of science education based on the records in “Lecons de Marie Curie”, and tried to revive them. I will also report the science show programs with KAMISHIBAI (the Japanese story telling with pictures) to stimulate young girls and boys for SETM since 2002.



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