Chiho Ito

1975 Born in Aichi,JAPAN
1998 Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design

<Selected exhibitions>
-solo exhibitions-
1999 D-Gallery (University's Gallery,Japan)
1999 Galleria Finarte (Nagoya,Japan)
2003 [The reflect mirror of memory] Multiple Choice (Nagoya,Japan)
2005 [Letter#2 -An idol of memory-] Galleria Finarte (Nagoya,Japan)
2007 Galleria Finarte (Nagoya,Japan)
2011 Galleria Finarte (Nagoya,Japan)
-Selected joint exhibitions-
1998 [Michi no Bijyutukan] (Seto,Japan)
1998 [Cap de Arte II] (Cadaqes,Spain)
1999 [The space] Aichi Art Center (Nagoya,Japan)
2000 [5-tracks] Nagoya City Archives (Nagoya,Japan)
2001 [TRANSIT] Kunstakademie Dusseldorf/R-10 (Germany)
2008 [Extending space -Yuriko Kurimoto and Chiho Ito-] Multiple Choice (Nagoya,Japan)

9th of July - 28th of July 2007
[International workshop for visual artists] Remisen-Brande (Denmark)
18th of July - 30th of July 2010
[International workshop for visual artists] Remisen-Brande (Denmark)

3rd,4th Oct 2009
open studio (Aarhus、Denmark)

JK-PROCES (Fredericiia、Denmark

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