(as of August, 2004)
Yoshikazu Kondo, male

A self-employed architect, born in 1955.
As described in "The 5th Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship" at this Website, I first experienced the joy of serving international exchange programs as a volunteer.  I am currently engaged in volunteer activities for Japan-Australia Society of Joetsu and Joetsu International Association.

As the father of three children (a eleven-year-old daughter, a nine-year-old son, and another six-year-old son), it is my ideal to create the world where children, including mine, would find it quite natural to keep company with and mix with people from all over the world without any discrimination.  To pursue this ideal, I continue to do volunteer activities.

Hobbies: (needless to say) being volunteer for international exchange programs, traveling abroad, seeing movies, and eNet surfing

A member of:
Japan-Australia Society of Joetsu since 1996
MM Cross-Cultural Forum since 2002



I would like to thank everyone who made the publication of my Webpages possible;
  • the members of Japan-Australia Society of Joetsu for their contributions to its newsletters and to this site (names are written at the beginning of each article);
  • Hiromu Yagi,
    Alan Lansdowne,
    Danni Henderson,
    Toshiro Abe,
    Yoshie Tanabe,
    Miyoko Uchiyama,
    Rieko Odake

    for their contributions to my Webpages;
  • David Meadows,
    Syuji Hikiba,
    Toshiro Abe,
    Yoko Ishizuka,
    Hiroshi Kawakami
    for the photos and photo data;
  • Toshiro Abe,
    Hiromu Yagi,
    Yoshie Tanabe,
    Miyoko Uchiyama,
    Rieko Odake

    for their English Japanese/Japanese English translations.
  • Stephen Rowcliffe, ex-President of ACT Australia-Japan Society;
    Alan Lansdowne, an Assistant Language Teacher;
    Rod Yates, a good friend of mine in Sydney,
    Jennifer Gan in Singapore

    for proofreading my English translations.