Tokyo Millenario on Christmas Eve

24 December, 2000

Millenario in the dark sky


"Beyond the Light there is the 21th Century"

It is the catch phrase of Tokyo Millenario.

Since I was born quite a long ago,
I have spent Christmas Eve at home.
For the family I fixed the special dinner for Christmas,
and we enjoyed the company with cakes and presents.

While I was young, my mother used to do so,
and I also used to do for my sons.

Now my sons have grown up, and lead a busy life.
Indeed they work on Sunday and holidays.

This year Christmas Eve was Sunday,
so my husband, who now works in the distance, came home.
We have decided to go out for Tokyo after a long interval.
It is for the first time to spend the Eve out.

It is the second year of Tokyo Millenario.
More famous than last year for sure.
In addition today is Sunday and at the same time the Eve.
Lots of people turn out to see the Tokyo Millenario and enjoy the Eve.

15 minutes earlier than planned, suddenly the lights were turned on.
In the deep dark sky the arches of lights shine brilliantly.
Fantastic, dreamy, supernatural !

People shout for joy, give a sigh of admiration.
Being pushed forwards in the flow of the crowd,
we gradually come nearer to the arches.

Thousands of tiny electric bulbs are bright in the dark
with the colors of red, yellow, green, blue, and white.
The shower of light, the arch of illusion, the bright tunnel of jewels !
Terribly fantastic !

On the half way we turn around to see backward again.
Why so bright and beautiful ?
Yes, the lights of the city are all turned off in this area.
Usually the street is bathed in light though.

It is an unusually warm day in this season.
Besides a windless night.
Through the arches of light we walk on several blocks.
On the holy night the magic realized on the street in Tokyo.

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front right gate left gate under the arch A under the arch B
under the arch C under the arch D backward out of the place Tokyo International Forum